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Brandon House Hotel Returns to its Full Glory

Most conservation challenges are complex and many difficult challenges have arisen during the Works. Isabel Barros Architects are proud to have achieved a fantastic result through good collective teamwork and strict budget control.

Building Costs in Ireland 2016

Every year we share useful information to guide you on the costs for your construction project in Ireland. This article will help you to estimate an approximate figure for your building costs.

River House – Kilkenny

The site presents a number of challenges, including a house over 150 years old, the proximity to a Special Area of Conservation (River Nore), the existing topography, and so on…

LEADER Funding is Here – Time to Bring Your Ideas to Life

LEADER grant aid of almost €8 million would be invested in innovative community and enterprise projects throughout county Wexford between now and 2020.
Considering the competitive process involved and the fact that it is likely that preference will be given to projects that have full planning permission in place we advise you to engage an Architect for your project as soon as possible.

The Secret Guide to Deal with Architects – Take 10

Good or bad! Your Architect wants to hear from you. Your Architect wants to know if you are happy with his/her services, how can he/she improve or if there is a better way to do things.

Spanish Architects Receive Pritzker Prize 2017

  Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramon Vilalta (RCR Arquitectes) were awarded the 2017 Pritzker Prize. It is the 2nd time that this prestigious prize goes to a Spanish Architect (Rafael Moneo was the 1996 winner). The Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded annually to honor a living architect or architects whose built work demonstrates a

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Simon Open Door 2017


We are delighted to announce our participation in this year’s “Simon Open Door 2017”.

The Simon Communities of Ireland work with people who experience homelessness and housing exclusion in Ireland. Simon has a vision of society where no one is homeless. All people who are homeless, or at risk of facing homelessness, are given every opportunity to realise their potential to live fulfilled lives in appropriate homes of their own. Simon is recognised for providing innovative solutions to ending homelessness and for influencing government policy and public opinion.



This year will be the thirteenth year that the Simon Communities of Ireland has been in partnership with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. Over the course of this wonderful partnership almost €600,000 has been raised for the Simon Communities of Ireland through the R.I.A.I. Simon Open Door initiative.

Anyone hoping to build, renovate or extend their home may be interested in this initiative. Isabel Barros Architects will offer an hour long consultation in return for a donation of €90 to charity. All of the money raised goes towards the work of the Simon Communities of Ireland.

A €90 donation will:

  • Provide accommodation and meals in a transitional house for 10 nights.
  • Help fund a home starter pack for those who are moving to independent living such as crockery, kettle, linen and basic household goods.
  • Help provide the Simon Communities rough sleeper team with 3 emergency packs for those sleeping on the streets.

You can sign up for an appointment with Isabel Barros Architects by logging in at www.simonopendoor.ie.


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Isabel’s Picks for Spring 2017



Let’s make a splash

Isabel Picks for Spring 2017, water wall, water blade, fountain, Rockworld water features, Soundtect Celest, acoustic panels, Working Desk - POP UP HOME, Rabbit Chair Baby orange, Steffano Giovannoni


Name: Water Blade

Price range: from €119

Material: Stainless steel with brushed finish.

Key facts: Available from 150mm to 1500mm wide. The blade has to be installed level to create an even flow of water across the width of the blade.  The flow of water reduces as the height of the water blade is increased. Most water blades sizes are available in dual entry, whilst the longer 1200 and 1500 are rear or bottom entry inlet for the water – the pipework has to connect to the water blade from the pump situated in the reservoir.  Uplighting gives a stunning effect as the water comes over the blade.

Available in Ireland from:  Rockworld Water Features



Brand: Soundtect

Product Name: Celeste

Price range: n/a

Material: 100% polyester (PET) over 50% recycled.

Features: Celeste wall and ceiling panels are designed to balance reverberation, absorb sound and create an audio atmosphere where sound comes through crisply and cleanly. The panels are easily to install; wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality by offering Class C absorption.

Available to Ireland from: Soundtect Ltd



Brand: Pop Up Home

Name: Working Desk – POP UP HOME

Price range: €319

Material: Honeycomb panels – Lacquered metal – Painted MDF – oak veneer.

Available to Ireland from:  Made in Design



Brand: Qeeboo

Designer: Steffano Giovannoni

Product name: Rabbit Chair Baby

Price range: €89

Material: 100% Polyethylene

Key facts: Available in 6 colours.

Available to Ireland from: Yoox


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3 Things You Didn’t Know Architects Do #3


The Architect has very considerable powers under the Building Contract although is not a party to it.

The Architect must act upon a fair and proper interpretation of the contract as an independent observer. S/he must act fairly and impartially between the parties.

Contract administration can be quite complex and this (short) post by no means explores all that is involved. We just want to highlight 3 things you (probably) didn’t know architects do when they are appointed for the Construction Stage of your project:

1. Prepare the Building Contract

2. Issue Certificates for Payment to the Contractor

3. Issue Instructions to the Contractor

Under the standard RIAI Building contracts the Architect/Contract Administrator has the power to issue instructions to the contractor.

Instructions may relate to:

  • the modification of the design, quality or quantity of the works or the addition, omission or substituition of any work (“Variations”);
  • the correction of discrepancies between the contract documents;
  • the removal of materials from site;
  • the opening up for inspection of any work covered up;
  • the removal and/or re-execution of of any work not in accordance with the contract;
  • the postponement of work;
  • the dismissal of incompetent or misconducting personnel;
  • the amending and making good of any defects;
  • and any other matters relating to the proper execution of the contract.

The Contractor has the duty to comply and duly execute any work comprised in such Architect’s Instructions.

Click here to see a sample of Architect’s Instructions.



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