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Construction Costs Post is the Most Popular for 2nd Year in a Row


This post about Construction Costs was the most popular post in our Blog in 2014.

Construction Costs in Ireland 2013


It was actually written in 2013 and it remained more popular than its successor published in 2014 – Building Costs in Ireland 2014.

We are glad to see that our series about Construction Costs remains a helpful reference for so many people. Thank you for visiting us!

How Much Does an Architect Cost?


Before you continue on reading, you will find no answer for your specific project in this article. This is because an Architect’s charge depends on the requirements and complexity of each individual project and the scope of services required.

Charges can be calculated in different ways, for example as a:

  • Quoted percentage of the total construction cost (typically between 8 and 15%);
  •  Agreed lump sum based on the anticipated work involved;
  •  Time charge (hourly or daily) based on the estimated time of a project.

In order to find out how much does an Architect cost you will need to discuss with the Architect your specific requirements. This is usually done in the first meeting with your Architect. Each project is different and for this reason, there is no set or standard charge. And very few Architects (if any) will give you quotes over the phone.

Check out our Secret Guide to Deal with Architects – Take 2 – Fee Proposals.


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Building Costs in Ireland 2014

Every year we share useful information to guide you on the costs for your construction project in Ireland. This will help you to estimate an approximate figure for your building costs.

You can check our other articles in this series here.

The Irish construction industry is slowly recovering. Predictions mention an 8% increase in value of output during 2014.

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland  reported that Tender Prices have bottomed out and have begun to increase due to a rise in input costs and commodity prices (oil etc). SCSI also reported that Construction tender prices grew by 2.2% in the second half of 2013, up from 0.9% in the first half of the year. The annual increase for 2013 was 3.1% and there is an increasing awareness amongst contractors and sub-contractors of the true cost of carrying out work and a reluctance to price below this, which ensures that projects are priced at viable levels.


Average Irish Construction Prices 2014

The average construction costs table is generated using Bruce Shaw’s Cost Database and sets out typical building construction costs.

(Click image to enlarge)

Bruce Shaw average construction prices_2014


The building costs of 2013 are still a good starting point for your project.

Turner & Townsend‘s annual construction cost survey provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of construction costs in Ireland, in 2013.

(Click image to enlarge)

Turner and townsend_Ireland_construction_cost_survey_2013_Price sqm


Labour rates and Construction Materials Prices

Turner & Townsend‘s annual construction cost survey provides labour costs and also the prices for some materials. Note the cost escalation forecast of 2%.

(Click image to enlarge)

Turner and townsend_Ireland_building_cost_survey_2013_Labour Material Etc

In June 2014 CSO recorded that all building and construction materials prices increased by 1.3% in the year since June 2013.

The most notable yearly changes were increases in Sand and gravel (+33.6%), Hardwood (+14.5%) and Stone (+5.7%), while there were decreases in Fabricated metal (-3.4%), Other Structural steel (-1.8%) and Reinforcing metal (-1.5%).


Guide to Rebuilding Costs in Ireland

The Society of Chartered Surveyors publishes every year a guide to rebuilding costs in Ireland. This guide is intended to assist in insuring a house and the costs included are based on building rates as of March 2014.

(Click image to enlarge)

SCSI House Rebuilding Costs per sqm_2014

SCSI also provides a House Rebuilding Cost Calculator here, and a Home Renovation Incentive Scheme Calculator here. You can read more about this Incentive Scheme here.


Other Resources

Paul McNally Ecological Architecture in Cork has developed a very detailed and user friendly cost estimator for new build houses. Grab all the information you can and get your estimate here.




Typical Exclusions

There are a number of other expenses that you should also consider when estimating your project. See some of the exclusions that may apply to your project here.

Additionally, with the newly amended Building Control Regulations, you are also likely to need to allow for:

  • Assigned Certifier fees


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