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The Secret Guide to Deal with Architects – Take 10


Our 10th and last secret tip about how to deal with an Architect is about evaluating performance.

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10. Provide Feedback

Good or bad! Your Architect wants to hear from you. Your Architect wants to know if you are happy with his/her services, how can he/she improve or if there is a better way to do things. Feedback is a powerful means of personal development. It may help your Architect to be more productive or to excel in his/her performance.

The secret guide to deal with architects take 10


Hot Tip:  Get into the habit of providing regular feedback at the end of each project stage. Make your feedback timely, specific, and frequent. The best feedback is a combination of praise, areas for improvement, and specific suggestions. But a single line of text may just be enough! (Our feedback survey is always accessible, if you don’t have the link for it just ask us.)


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Resilience and Types of Clients




We particularly like one of the themes of the upcoming 2016 RIAI conference – RESILIENCE.



Not one day goes by without some type of resilience is needed in our work.


We take a twofold approach to this concept:

  1. The need to be RESILIENT in all aspects of our life – emotional, physical, economical, social, spiritual, etc.
  2. The need to incorporate a RESILIENT design throughout the different project stages.


Dealing with different types of clients is just one of the challenges that requires architects to be resilient. Below are just some of the types that architects can meet along the way.



Types of Clients


We let you think about the best resilience measures for each particular situation but the diagram below seems to cover the best strategies.



Resilience Strategies © Catherine Twiss Consulting

The Secret Guide to Deal with Architects – Take 9


Our 9th secret tip about how to deal with an Architect focus on money and respect.

If you have just landed here do not miss our previous tips:


9. Pay on Time

Everybody likes to get paid for their work- it is fair, it is simple. Normally you and your Architect will agree staged payments at the start of the project. Many times the payments are due after the work is complete and this may have involved many many hours of hard work from your Architect – think about Respect. If you do not pay promptly the Architect cannot proceed to the next stage of your project and this can have multiple implications depending on the stage of your project.


The secrete guide to deal with architects


Hot tip: Once you pay one stage make sure you start organizing funds to pay the next stage as it may be just a matter of weeks between payments. If the payment schedule proposed by your Architect at the outset does not suit you just ask to be changed.



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