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3 Things You Didn’t Know Architects Do


We often feel that most people think that Architects are a bunch of creative minds that can “draw some plans” for you. Well, we do much MUCH more than that, particularly if we are appointed for all stages of your project.

Even though our services are all detailed in our agreements we feel that most of our clients do not know what exactly they involve until they actually get to that stage of the works.

Contract administration can be quite complex and this (short) post by no means explores all that is involved. We just want to highlight 3 things you (probably) didn’t know architects do when they are appointed for the Construction Stage of your project:

1. Prepare the Building Contract

This starts by selecting the appropriate type of RIAI contract for the works. There are a number of different contracts available, they also have attached a long list of conditions which the Architect should be familiar with.

The Architect then prepares the contract (by filling in all the relevant sections) and arranges for it to be signed by the Contractor (the builder) and by the Employer (the Architect’s client).

In simple terms, the Building Contract states that the Contractor is obliged to construct the Works in accordance with the drawings, specifications, etc which define the works, for the agreed Contract sum and be finished by the agreed completion date. The Employer’s principal obligation is to pay for work done.

The Building Contract has a number of conditions/clauses, these prescribe and allocate important rights, duties and liabilities. These conditions are very useful to resolve problems that can occur in a typical construction project.

2. Issue Certificates for Payment to the Contractor

3. Issue Instructions to the Contractor




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