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How Much Does an Architect Cost?


Before you continue on reading, you will find no answer for your specific project in this article. This is because an Architect’s charge depends on the requirements and complexity of each individual project and the scope of services required.

Charges can be calculated in different ways, for example as a:

  • Quoted percentage of the total construction cost (typically between 8 and 15%);
  •  Agreed lump sum based on the anticipated work involved;
  •  Time charge (hourly or daily) based on the estimated time of a project.

In order to find out how much does an Architect cost you will need to discuss with the Architect your specific requirements. This is usually done in the first meeting with your Architect. Each project is different and for this reason, there is no set or standard charge. And very few Architects (if any) will give you quotes over the phone.

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  1. How Much Does an Architect Cost?
    An architect’s charge depends on the requirements and complexity of each…

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