This is our 4th secret tip about how to deal with an Architect.

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This time we give you some tips about ‘Your Budget’. Your budget may be restricted by the personal savings you have or by the bank loan or mortgage you can get, or by a mixture of both.


4. Your Budget

Be realistic about the cost to build your project!

The current economic climate may lead you to think everything is cheap or even free. That is not correct and if you look at our latest article about Construction Costs you will realise that prices are actually increasing.

And if that was not enough, increased responsibilities required from designers, builders and clients due to new regulations are also rising the construction costs.


Take 4



Hot tip: Ask your Architect for an average construction price per square metre. Multiply that figure by the area you will need for your project (you can also ask your Architect for an approximate area needed to accommodate your Brief), add between 5% and 10% for contingencies and add costs for renewable energy systems. Also be aware of the typical exclusions of the Irish Construction Costs (read last section of our article Construction Costs in Ireland 2013).


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