If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home isabel barros architects upgrading service will ease you through the process by locating which improvements will be the most cost-effective to solve any comfort and excessive energy usage issues.

isabel barros architects will initially carry out an energy audit which will provide us with the information required to determine the most effective areas of your house to upgrade in order to get the maximum gains for your budget.

isabel barros architects will also advise and assist you with the preparation of the grant applications in case you are eligible for them. Find out more information about available grants here.


Our Energy UPGRADING includes:

  • Site assessment and initial BER survey.
  • Energy audit.
  • Budget analysis and advice on the most cost effective, energy beneficial improvements that you can introduce.
  • Detailed recommendation report based on the desired Building Energy Rating (BER).
  • Advice and support on relevant grants and grant application.
  • Assemble a full specification and negotiate a price for each element of the upgrade works.
  • Final BER certificate and advisory report.

If you are looking for a more inclusive upgrade to your property you might be interested in our renovations or extensions packages.

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