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Exempted Development

Exempted development is development for which planning permission is not required.

The rules for when planning permission is required are extensive and therefore, a complete list of the specifications is not covered within this section. However, the following list can be used as a general guide.

Planning permission will not be normally needed for:

  • rear extensions where the floor area does not exceed 40 square meters.
  • terraced or semi-detached houses – extensions above ground level under 12 square metres.
  • detached houses – extensions above ground level under 20 square metres.
  • the conversion for use as part of a dwelling house of a garage, store, shed etc attached to the rear or side of a house, subject to 40 square metres limit.
  • a garage, carport, shed, greenhouse, kennel for domestic pets, etc, as long as it does not extend out in front of the building line of the house and it is less than 25 square metres.
  • front porches of less than 2 square metres.
  • one wind turbine within curtilage of a house, subject to height and other restrictions.
  • solar panels on or within the curtilage of a house or any building within curtilage of house subject to 12 square metres or 50% of roof area whichever is the less and other restrictions.
  • heat pump – ground heat system or air source system. Subject to restrictions.

There are however certain thresholds that must not be exceed – Read more >>