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Exempted Development (contd.)

There are however certain thresholds that must not be exceed:

  • any extension above ground floor level is at least 2 meters from any party boundary.
  • any extension does not exceed the height of the house.
  • any extension or new garage, shed, etc does not reduce the area of private open space to less than 25 square metres.
  • any windows proposed at ground floor level as part of an extension shall not be less than 1 metre from the boundary they face.
  • any windows proposed at above ground level shall be not less than 11 metres from the boundary they face.
  • the roof of any such extension shall not be used as a balcony or roof garden.
  • etc.

The following demolition works are not exempt:

  • demolition of a habitable house.
  • demolition of a building which forms part of a terrace of buildings.
  • demolition of a building which abuts on another building in separate ownership.

The partial demolition of a habitable house to facilitate the construction of a permitted or exempt domestic extension or porch is exempt.

Demolition of a building other than above may be exempt, unless it is a Protected Structure.