All you ever wanted with the piece of mind.

isabel barros architects will prepare the concept design for your house according to your requirements. Our aim is to create a house specifically designed for your needs, while maintaining a contemporary style and sustainability at the forefront.

Following grant of planning permission isabel barros architects will prepare the specification and working drawings needed to seek tenders from prospective contractors.

Once the contractor is appointed we will administer the terms of the building contract ensuring that progress and quality of the work is properly monitored with regular site visits at appropriate intervals.

isabel barros architects will also provide you with the final Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate for your house. This will give you an indication of the energy performance of your house and will also help to determine compliance to Part L of the Building Regulations.


The New Home BIG EMOTIONS Package includes:

  • All included in the New Home SWEET DREAMS Package.
  • Advise client on the appointment of the contractor and on the responsibilities of the parties and the architect under the building contract.
  • Prepare the building contract .
  • Monitor production of Bonds and Collateral agreements where necessary and appropriate.
  • Administration of the terms of the building contract.
  • Site meetings and on-site inspections with the contractor to review progress.
  • Production information as required by the building contract.
  • Management of and intermittent inspections of the progress and quality of the works to ensure that works are being executed generally in accordance with the contract documents and current building regulations.
  • Provide architects Opinion on Compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations upon completion.

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