Whether you are looking to completely renovate your existing house, finish your basement, renovate an old bathroom or kitchen, or make a special enhancement to an existing room or even outside area or deck this is the right package for you.

isabel barros architects will give thought to details such as: what are your likes and dislikes; what are your needs; what are the best circulation options; how comfortable and practical is your house; where you want electrical outlets, telephone jacks, etc; the type of lighting required; your current and future storage needs; how can the energy rating be improved; etc, etc.

These details will enable us to produce a concept design that better suit your needs and lifestyle. Careful planning will enable you to update your home with insightful design solutions provided by isabel barros architects. This will increase the value of your investment and it will cost you a lot less than buying a new home.


The Renovations DELIGHT IN DESIGN Package includes:

  • Initial inspection and survey of the existing interior and/or exterior (where appropriate).
  • Provide general advice (Is there a need for planning permission? What goals do you have for that space? Are there any structural issues? Etc).
  • Develop concept design from client’s brief.
  • Prepare working drawings.
  • Detailed specification document.
  • Provide information for the preparation of bills of quantity and /or schedules of works (where appropriate).
  • Advise and obtain a list of tenders for the building contract.
  • Invite tenders.
  • Negotiate a price with a contractor (if appropriate).
  • Energy advisory report.

To help you improve the energy performance of your house isabel barros architects will provide you with an Energy advisory report. This will allow you to consider further improvements that can be carried out at this stage or later in the future.

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