If you are thinking of renovating all or part of your house, design and function should be foremost in your mind.

With this package isabel barros architects will engage in meetings with you to understand your likes, dislikes, priorities, budget, and timeline.

A complete dimensional survey of the area you want to renovate is produced. From here isabel barros architects will look at what improvements we can make within your budget. We will then develop a concept design for the area to be renovated.


The Renovations INSPIRING TOUCHES Package includes:

  • Initial inspection and survey of the existing interior and/or exterior where appropriate.
  • Provide general advice (Is there a need for planning permission? What goals do you have for that space? Are there any structural issues? Etc).
  • Develop concept design from client’s brief.

You may also be interested in a number of our additional services.

isabel barros architects will prepare a project specific flat fee design service estimate tailored to your requirements and present it to you in a complimentary meeting. Contact us.

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