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Lockdown Dates for Construction in Ireland 2020-2021

First Wave: February – August 2020

Shutdown in construction activity from 28th March until 17th May 2020 (inclusive)

Total: 7 weeks


Second Wave: August – December 2020

No shutdown.

Construction (and schools) remained open under Level 5 restrictions between 21st October 2020 and 1st December.

Third Wave: December 2020 – Present

Shutdown in construction activity from 6pm on Friday 8th January until 11th April 2021 (inclusive). Includes the phased reopening of schools and childcare.

From 12 April, all RESIDENTIAL construction can restart as well as early-learning and childcare projects.

Total: 13 weeks

Under consideration from 4 May (subject to prevailing public health situation) – Full reopening of construction activity.


Current measures (as per 6th April 2021) available here:

During shutdown construction was closed, with the following exceptions:

  • essential health and related projects including those relevant to preventing, limiting, minimising or slowing the spread of COVID-19
  • social housing projects, including voids, designated as essential sites by Local Authorities based on set criteria
  • housing adaptation grants where the homeowner is agreeable to adaptions being undertaken in their home
  • repair, maintenance and construction of critical transport and utility infrastructure
  • education facilities sites designated as essential by Department of Education
  • supply and delivery of essential or emergency maintenance and repair services to businesses and places of residence (including electrical, gas, oil, plumbing, glazing and roofing services) on an emergency call-out basis
  • certain large construction projects in the exporting / FDI sector based on set criteria
  • in relation to private homes that are practically complete and scheduled for habitation by 31 January 2021, including where snagging, and essential remediation work, such as pyrite works is nearing completion, works should continue to enable homeowners access their homes. Heating, water, broadband and electricity installation should also continue to enable homes be occupied
  • existing tenancy protections mean that a tenant cannot be evicted from their home during the period of the 5km travel restrictions. To enable a limited functioning of the housing and residential tenancy market during this time it has also been agreed that online viewings will be the default approach to viewing property for rental or sale, with a physical viewing only permissible at the point where a tenancy agreement is being entered into or where a contract for sale has been drawn up. This approach balances the need to avoid social interaction with the need to provide a pathway to tenancy and home ownership for those who need it

This page was last edited on 6th April 2021.

This document was prepared by Isabel Barros Architects.

Download a pdf of this document here.

Image: Construction Vectors by Vecteezy

Isabel’s Picks for Spring 2021


Create a vision for a new chapter

Isabel Picks for Spring 2021 - Wexford Architects, CHAIR, Hans Wegner Kennedy, CA Design, POSTER, Please Excuse the Chaos Personal Poster, Desenio, FLOWER VASE, Coolree Design, SPUN Flower Vase, OUTDOOR FIRE PIT, RSW, Barrow, Konstantin Slawinski


Designer: Hans Wegner Kennedy 

Name: Hans Wegner Kennedy-Style Oak Chair

Price range: €420

Materials: Solid oak and premium leather

Key Facts: Originally designed by Hans Wegner in 1950 and requested by Kennedy himself because of its comfort it was used in the 1960 presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.

Available in Ireland from: CA Design


Name: Please Excuse the Chaos Personal Poster

Price range: from €34.95

Material: Matte premium paper. Age-resistant paper.

Key facts: Customizable – Below the quote you can add whatever you like, such as the family name and a phrase.

Available in Ireland from: Desenio


Brand: Coolree Design

Name: SPUN Flower Vase

Price range: €15

Material: Solid hardwood with a clear glass receptacle

Key facts: Handcrafted, sustainably made in Co. Kildare, Ireland

Available in Ireland from:  Coolree Design


Designer: RSW

Name: Barrow

Price range: €799.99

Material: Lacquered stainless steel and oak

Key features: Fire bowl with barbecue function

Available to Ireland from: Konstantin Slawinski


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Form to Follow Planet

The New European Bauhaus initiative connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls.

The New European Bauhaus wants form to follow planet. The goal is to create a design movement integrating three dimensions: sustainability (including circularity), quality of experience (including aesthetics) and inclusion (including affordability). Showing that creativity is in finding affordable, inclusive and attractive solutions for our climate challenges.

This initiative is a creative and interdisciplinary movement in the making, and you can be part of it. The New European Bauhaus team will present the initiative and the opportunities to contribute to it. Follow this link to join the live stream on the 11th March 2021 and ask your questions.

The New European Bauhaus explained (click to download document).

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