“You did a wonderful piece of work. J. and I are quite delighted with your efforts.”

J Barry

“The external specifications of the dwelling consist of quality finishes and the dwelling makes a positive architectural statement on the surrounding area without making an obnoxious statement. In my opinion, the overall development is a commendable contemporary architectural statement derived from a conservation objective. The dwelling still maintains an old vernacular appearance with a contemporary twist.”

C Coogan, Planning Inspector (ABP)

“The dwelling design is particularly good and based on the traditional farmhouse. It is modern and has a provisional A3 energy rating.”

L Bowe, Executive Planner

” The proposed fenestration is both conventional and simplistic and will integrate successfully in the context of its rural surroundings including the existing pattern of development.

The site is in a lowlands area however is elevated. Given the proposal is for a single storey dwelling house with appropriate design and associated landscaping, it will successfully integrate and not be appear visually prominent in the context of the host landscape.”

N Sheehan, Assistant Planner

“As a ‘House Whisperer’ I found that I had come to the end of my ability to envision a new design for the house. Thinking that I needed a new pair of eyes to see space differently and to help me open up my mind creatively, we invited Ms. Barros to come to the house and allow us see what she saw through her professional eyes.

We found her eyes objective, her mind rational and her thinking all encompassing which led to a more organized assessment as to what could be done and what couldn’t and whether or not the amount of money we had budgeted could be be put to good use; that is, in the right place. We would highly recommend engaging Ms. Barros, for more than anything she helped us invest in the possible, not the probable.”

M and S

“We were very happy with work to date – flexible, professional and great ideas.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely” 

J Lillis

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely” 

 What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? What can we add or change to improve our services?

“Clear, logical and thoughtful process by a well informed architect.”

M Carroll-Garrison 

“It was legitimately great to find someone professional in Wexford at long last – thank you so much for your assistance.”

J Hensman

“A very good experience. Isabel is very creative, a super listener, extremely professional, and has worked really hard to get things right for me. Also she has a terrific sense of humour. Thank you Isabel.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? Extremely likely”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? What can we add or change to improve our services?

“Very satisfied with everything so far.”


“Thanks very much for all your help over the time of the project, you were always very easy to deal with.

I hope we go awhile without needing you in for anything major but we’ll certainly be in touch for any work we need done in the future.”

P Quinn

How likely is it that you would recommend our services?Extremely likely”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? What can we add or change to improve our services?

“The quality of advice and work. The professionalism shown. Time keeping excellent, always meets when arranged. Follow up on any queries also excellent. Keep doing what you are doing, you are doing GREAT.”

A Quinn

“Thank you again for all your creative efforts, you have really addressed all my questions and, having looked more closely at Option 3, I see you have re-used Absolutely Everything! Your explanations with Wall A, B and C were terrific also, thank you.(…) many thanks again, especially for how you answered my questions and found good solutions.”


“We engaged Isabel as an Architect but we got much more than that. From day one, Isabel managed the whole project with patient attention detail and advice right through to completion. She would not skimp on Quality but continually looked to save us money and completed the project within budget. Isabel built effective working relationships with the builder and suppliers and was firm when needed which, because of her planning, was not often necessary. These days we hear so many stories of poor projects and customers being ripped off. It’s refreshing to find a professional like Isabel who delivers what she promises and more.”

P Molloy

“Isabel has been fantastic in helping us to create a home that is in alignment with us, who we are and how we want to live.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? “Isabel is highly creative, professional and intuitive and knows how to build the structure to meet the energy and needs of her clients.”

R Collins

“Isabel Barros was outstanding and most considerate and supportive and i would be more than happy to recommend her to any one.”


“Very pleased with service overall.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Very likely”

J Cullen

“Couldn’t fault the attention and understanding we received.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely”


“I appreciate your time and your views…it was very useful and exciting.  You have a lovely way of opening my mind up to possibilities!”

“E. and I are delighted with all your good work.  You have helped me clarify my vision for the therapy room, garden and my work.  I am grateful for your vision.”

“Thank you Isabel for all your attention to detail. It is so exciting to be at this stage – you are the best!”

A Homan

“We had our reservations to conduct our project on skype from Australia, but we’ve have experienced a very pleasing outcome and are very satisfied with our selection of architect.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely.”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? “Thorough project understanding and presentation of concepts to enhance our initial ideas.”

S&M Condon

“Isabel is a very personable professional who is passionate about her art of design with originality and attention to detail. She is receptive to ideas that promote environmental sustainability and does not mind to devote a great deal of her time to ask plenty of questions from her clients in order to achieve clear understanding of her clients’ needs. She strives for successful communication and effective teamwork regardless of the geographical location and/or unique circumstances of clients and project. Isabel is currently assisting us in he role of managing our property’s soon commencing renovation that in the first half of 2013 was re-drawn, re-modelled and extended by her. Based on the past months’ work with her on Skype we already achieved much and our recent on-site meeting in person in Ireland made us feel confident about her upcoming role in seeing through the steps that a refurbishment of an old property needs particularly in absence of her clients.

Our recommendation is based on work that Isabel already presented to us. Some of her strengths again are great pride and attention to detail, preservation and incorporation of existing structures if productive, precision, organizational and listening skills, tact, warmth and wisdom that is evident in her work and in dealing with clients.”

M Hya

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Very likely.”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above?  “Very informative and very professional in approach with client.”

 V Kilroy

“Isabel went above and beyond the call of duty to give good advise with limited amount of defined constraints from us.”

O Brady

“I was so overwhelmed by Isabelles genuine interest her advice and overall the wealth of knowledge I came away with to encourage us to pursue our dream”

E Smith

“We were delighted with the creative ideas you suggested to create more room in our home. Much appreciated!”

P Molitor

“Thanks for all your attention to details. It sounds as though you have thought a lot about how to fit things around our life style. Thanks for all your hard work. ”

“We are about halfway through the project and are very satisfied with the service Isabel supplies. Particularly her attention to detail, flexibility in meeting outside normal office hours and professional advice. We have had bad experiences in the past with other projects it is refreshing to be able to work with someone so professional, empathetic and trustworthy.”

“We are very impressed with Isabel’s attention to detail, without her project management has ensured that the project has been undertaken efficiently. We would not hesitate in recommending Isabel Barros Architects to others.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely.”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? “Communication, resolving problems quickly and efficiently, recommendations and advice to achieve the best results. Consideration and professionalism when dealing with contractors.”

“We are delighted with our result and amazed that it came in under budget, this had to be down to your project management.”

J Clifton

“Generally very happy with the service provided. I would say its very important to have someone between client and contractor.”

How likely is it that you would recommend our services? “Extremely likely.”

What is the main reason for the answer you gave above? “Support on issues with contractor.”

E Kelly

“I very much appreciated the whole presentation and how my eyes opened so much – awareness, whole control, improve efficiency. Thank you very much.”

“The ‘talk’ you gave was very informative and helped us to understand the options more clearly.”

“Very informative and useful.”

“It was well worth attending this presentation and I learnt a great deal.”

“Very good, very pleasant presenter, encouraged interaction.”

“Presenter was most efficient.”

“Really enjoyed the presentation.”

“Presentation excellent.”

Participants of “How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient” Workshop,

New Ross Library

“Thank you so much for your attendance and input at the our 4th year crits at SATwex on the 15th of November. The students were delighted with the insights of the visiting critics. We look forward to working with you again. ”

M Duffy

“Thanks for your prompt and professional response to my enquiries.”

A MacCana

“It was great to meet Isabel and get her ideas. Amazed so much could be thought about in such a short time.”

AM Hayes

“I found Isabel Barros to be both personable and very professional. Her skills are diverse. She researches thoroughly and provides good clear information regarding planning permission and conditions associated. She is imaginative regarding maximising the potential of a site. She demonstrates great vision as to the potential and possibilities of existing houses. She has visited a few when I requested her to do so and I look forward to working with Isabel in the future.”

AM Kelly

“Isabel, from the initial consultation on our project understood our requirements and used her creativity to design what we wanted and follow it through with us to a sucessfull planning outcome. Her experience and attention to detail in dealing with the planning system is second to none, and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve a design out of the ordinary.”

J. Hickey

“Isabel is a skilled Architect and an extremely competent project manager. Her responsibilities included conceptual design, consultant managment and liason and management of projects through to planning.
Her design skills and attention to detail were excellent and much appreciated by clients and colleagues.”

B. O’Driscoll

“I worked with Isabel recently and found she brings a lot of enthusiasm to her projects. She puts a tremendous amount of effort into her work and this is visible in the finished product. She is a pleasure to deal with.”

G. Madigan

“Isabel is a very nice woman to work with, very professional, imaginative with an expertise that excels. Quality work in effiicient and cost effective manner. Delighted to work with her again anytime.”

J. Atkinson

If you have used our services please use the comments form below to send us feedback about your experience. Thank you in advance!