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New Farm House in Oylegate, Wexford

Located in the heart of County Wexford in Ireland, the site enjoys beautiful landscape views. The client’s brief sought a simple residence with lots of natural light and a good connection with the landscape. The farm complex is quite dominant and sits interestingly on a different direction than the original farm house.


Our proposal was carefully designed to respect the site history while introducing a more contemporary volume.

14.84_Main Concept

The two main directions on site are the starting point for our proposal. The memory of the old house being replaced remains present. This volume is intersected by a lower, more contemporary, volume.

The new house respects the immediate surroundings either by the materials selected or the shapes and scale used.

The fenestration to North is reduced to the minimum to improve energy efficiency. The living spaces of the house are located to South enjoying most of the solar gains while creating a strong connection to outside.

Being aware of its rural location, the house is conceived as two simple volumes that mark each other by carving out a new relationship. The openings are treated as clean incisions that provide optimum views of the surrounding landscape.

14.84_04 14.84_0514.84_0714.84_09



See more animations here.


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Extension to House Over 100 years Old in New Ross, Wexford

Note: This post was previously titled ‘Extension to 1950’s House in New Ross, Wexford – SketchUp Animation’. During works we discovered the walls were not what we expected and some investigation confirmed the original house was built between 1888-1913! (The owners were not aware of this.)

We feel that our proposal is like the missing piece to complete this house puzzle.



The original house used to be a Council house and it was built in the 1950s. The owners had already built different extensions to the house but they left a big problem unsolved: the entrance and the circulation and flow of space within the house.

They approached us to get a bigger kitchen more suitable to their lifestyle. We listened and we were sensitive to all energies we could capture. We proposed a holistic approach that embraced the existing house, respecting it and making the all space a much better place to live in.

We like to think the new entrance works like the “spinal column” of the house, supporting it, organizing it and allowing the spaces to flow naturally from there.

From the entrance a new wall – the “shoulders” – is built to hold the two new extensions – the “arms” – that will hug and embrace the existing house respecting it in a complacent manner.



We felt the existing black and white palette needed a different material/texture to make it more interesting and with a warmer feeling. We propose to cover the two “arms” with timber cladding. This is a type of cladding found elsewhere on this site and it has the beauty of being a natural and environmentally friendly material that easily blends with the landscape.

Working with an existing house with a number of (more recent) extensions is always a challenge. We are often restricted by a number of factors and it requires years of experience to turn them around in our favour. We are delighted with the result and we cannot wait to see it built.

See what our clients had to say:

14.75_R Collins Comment 1 14.75_R Collins Comment 2


See more animations here.


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As featured in the


House Extension in Wexford – Drinagh – SketchUp Animation


This extension was mostly inspired by the existing roof and all the triangular shapes it creates.



The existing house is a 2 storey detached house built in Wexford, Ireland in 2005.

The proposal aims to provide a bigger dining space and a living room that is connected to the kitchen while taking advantage of the solar path and the garden views.

The use of simple volumes and materials contributes to the contemporary design we want to achieve.



Our proposal blends well with the existing house while providing a modern edge. The new extension gives a new personality to this house.


See more animations here.


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