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Receive an Hour-Long Consultation With an Architect

The RIAI and the Simon Communities of Ireland have again joined forces for the 15th annual fundraising initiative “Simon Open Door”.

We are delighted to announce our participation in this important campaign for the 10th year in a row. Every year we happily dedicate our time and professional expertise to support the Simon Communities of Ireland. All funds raised go directly to the Simon Communities to support their work in tackling homelessness.

The Simon Communities throughout Ireland provide the best possible care, accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk. Together, with people who are homeless, Simon tackles the root causes, promotes innovative responses and urges the government to fulfil their commitments. 

Simon delivers support and service to over 11,000 individuals and families who experience – or are at risk of – homelessness on an annual basis. 

Anyone hoping to build, renovate or extend their home, office or shop in Wexford may be interested in this initiative. Isabel Barros Architects will offer an hour long consultation in return for a donation of €95 to charity. All of the money raised goes towards the work of the Simon Communities of Ireland.

You can sign up for an appointment with Isabel Barros Architects in Wexford on Saturday 11th May, just log in at

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What is a Building Renovation Passport?

In its most recent study, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) suggests to evolve EPCs into Building Renovation Passports. Based on three examples of “Building Renovation Passports” in the Belgian region of Flanders (“Woningpas”), France (“Passeport Efficacité Énergétique”) and Germany (“Individueller Sanierungsfahrplan”),  building renovation passport are centred around the combination of technical on-site energy audits and quality criteria established in dialogue with building owners. The result is a user-friendly long-term roadmap that owners can use to plan deep renovations, gather all relevant building information in a sole place and get an up-to-date screenshot of the building across its lifetime, with information about comfort levels (air quality, better daylight entry, etc.) and potential access to finance.

A Building Renovation Passport (BRP) is a document – in electronic or paper format – outlining a long-term (up to 15-20 years) step-by-step renovation roadmap to achieve deep renovation for a specific building. It is designed to reflect the (changing) situation of the owner or occupier. The BRP also addresses the complexity of renovation works and ensures coordination throughout the different stages.

Building Renovation Passport – Overview of its components (Source: BPIE)

A Building Renovation Passport is an evolution of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), as it supports building owners with personalised suggestions on their renovation options. These result from an on-site energy audit fulfilling specific quality criteria and indicators established in dialogue with the owner. Via BRPs, building owners receive a ready-to-use, personalised renovation plan, presenting all the measures to be taken and the related expected benefits, including energy savings and comfort improvement.

EuroACE’s recommendation 5 on the Amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) 2018 recommends the introduction of Building Renovation Passports as a tool to inform, motivate and incite building owners to undertake energy renovation is a manner by which national and regional governments can bring tangible support to consumers, thus boosting energy renovation rates and depths.

Member States have until March 2020 to translate into national law all the new requirements from the EU energy efficiency legislation affecting buildings.

Lets wait to see if the Building Renovation Passports will be introduced in Ireland or not.

Isabel’s Picks for Winter 2018


Keep warm and relaxed

Isabel Picks Winter 2018, Brown Thomas, ALESSI Dressed Christmas Bell Ornament, BetteLux Oval Couture Bath, Sculptural Aluminium Radiator, Phosphorus, Nuwave cair Air Quality Sensor


Trademark: Alessi

Designer: Marcel Wanders

Name: Dressed Christmas Bell Ornament

Price range: €20

Material: Hand-blown glass, porcelain.

Available in Ireland from:  Brown Thomas

2. BATH 

Manufacturer: Bette

Name: Bette Lux Oval Couture 

Price range: €2,880

Material: Enamelled titanium steel, with bath panel made from woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric.

Available in Ireland from:  BathHouse


Manufacturer: Phosphorus Imperfect

Name: Flat Cocktail

Price range: n/a

Material: Aluminium

Available to Ireland from:  Phosphorus Imperfect


Manufacturer: NuWave Sensor Technology

Name: Cair – Smart Air Quality Sensor

Price range: €130

Key features: Office air quality monitoring, Demand controlled ventilation monitoring. Detects the presence of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and monitors particle density (PM10, PM2.5) as well as environmental parameters (temperature and humidity). Each cair sensor is connected to a cloud database via local Wi-Fi connectivity and data can be exported in CSV format to e-mail for detailed offline analysis.

Available in Ireland from: NuWave Sensors


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