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There are mainly 3 methods for fixing timber cladding: secret fixing, face fixing and invisible (or concealed) fixing.

In this article we look at some options for Invisible Fixing Timber Cladding. This is the less used method, the least available and likely to be the most expensive. This method is mostly used for open joint timber cladding when a face fixing is not desirable for aesthetics reasons or where cladding boards are prefinished with a film forming coating and there is a preference for not penetrating that film.




FassadenClip-FCS_99014 FassadenClip-FCS_99014_AW-F1

These clips are manufactured in Austria by SIHGA. Russwood in UK can supply them to Ireland.

Below is an animation showing how these clips are assembled.





These clips are manufactured in Austria by the FixingGroup. The boards need to be grooved to receive the clip.




This is actually a deck clip but can also be used for façades. The boards need to be profiled to receive the clip. There are only 4 machines in Europe that are able to profile the timber for this fixing system.

These clips are manufactured in France by Architecture du Bois – Terrasses grad™.

Below is an animation showing how these clips are assembled.



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