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My Colouring Pencils


This is not JUST about an ordinary colouring pencil set.


This is the colouring pencil set I waited 6 years for.


How many children these days have to wait 6 years to get a set like this?


Well, back in 1986 that is what happened to me. I was in secondary school when the need to have ‘proper’ colouring pencils started.


My mother couldn’t afford to buy what I needed. So I had to manage to work with rubbish colouring pencils, most of them leftovers from primary school.


Sometimes I would borrow one or two pencils from the colleagues that had nice big sets.


It was tough.


But the years went by and that didn’t stop me to be creative and have good marks.


Pencil Box


It was much later in the Christmas of 1992 that I got this Caran D’Ache metal box set.


It was all I had wished for! …It came too late but it felt like a dream come true. I am not sure if my brother realised how important his present was to me.

I recently got reunited with this set after some 12 years without seeing it. It still holds a special meaning. Just as in life, we cannot always have everything we want when we want or need but it’s important to BELIEVE that dreams can be made true and on the way to pursuing them we will grow and learn a lot about ourselves. We just cannot give up!


When was the last time you waited 6 years for a dream to come true?




Useless facts about my colouring pencils:
  • 13 of these pencils were hardly used and never sharpened. As I said, they came too late when I was using less colours and more graphite, charcoal and ink pens.


  • There were 2 pencils missing in this set and one that was not the original. I was able to retrieve all the originals (I had brought them with me when I came to Ireland in 2002) and the set is now as it was originally.


  • I don’t colour that much these days but in the last few years I was able to survive with a set of 12 Faber- Castell pencils and a set of 24 Derwent pencils. I am now the proud owner of some 76 decent colouring pencils 🙂


  • The colours I most use are blue, red, yellow, white and black. Mondrian style… But I use them to convey my ideas and differentiate volumes, materials or textures, nothing too exciting…


  • I found the original white colour pencil in my sewing box. I guess I don’t use it that much, AH!


  • I told you these were useless facts!




  1. Isabel Barros
    Isabel Barros

    My Colouring Pencils
    This is the colouring pencil set I waited 6 years for.
    My mother couldn’t afford to buy…

  2. Mike Debbie Quinn
    Mike Debbie Quinn

    Worth the wait I bet! Loved that blog btw 🙂

  3. Isabel Barros
    Isabel Barros

    Worth every second. Thanks Mike!

  4. António Lopes
    António Lopes

    Lovely darling.
    Infelizmente hoje os miúdos não estao habituados a esse tempo de espera, ou a outro qualquer…. Dai muitas vezes a falta de cuidado e total inconsciencia dos esforços dos pais.
    Há que combater isso…
    6 tb é mt 🙂

  5. Innovus decors
    Innovus decors

    What a great story Isabel!

  6. Isabel Barros
    Isabel Barros

    Obrigado Tó! Combater é connosco, mas não é NADA fácil 🙂
    Quando me vens visitar?? Também tenho saudades! <3

  7. Isabel Barros
    Isabel Barros

    Thanks Innovus decors ! Always Dream!

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