The RIAI and the Simon Communities of Ireland have again joined forces for the 15th annual fundraising initiative “Simon Open Door”.

We are delighted to announce our participation in this important campaign for the 10th year in a row. Every year we happily dedicate our time and professional expertise to support the Simon Communities of Ireland. All funds raised go directly to the Simon Communities to support their work in tackling homelessness.

The Simon Communities throughout Ireland provide the best possible care, accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk. Together, with people who are homeless, Simon tackles the root causes, promotes innovative responses and urges the government to fulfil their commitments. 

Simon delivers support and service to over 11,000 individuals and families who experience – or are at risk of – homelessness on an annual basis. 

Anyone hoping to build, renovate or extend their home, office or shop in Wexford may be interested in this initiative. Isabel Barros Architects will offer an hour long consultation in return for a donation of €95 to charity. All of the money raised goes towards the work of the Simon Communities of Ireland.

You can sign up for an appointment with Isabel Barros Architects in Wexford on Saturday 11th May, just log in at

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