We start this new year of 2013 by showing our support for the ‘Renovate Europe’ campaign.

The ‘Renovate Europe’ Campaign was initiated by EuroACE (The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficency in Buildings). It is calling for an ambitious roadmap to be drawn up on how to triple the annual renovation rate of the EU building stock from the current rate of 1% to 3% by 2020 and to ensure that the aggregate result of those renovations leads to an 80% reduction of the energy demand of the building stock by 2050 as compared to 2005.


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We can continue to burn money on ever more expensive imported fossil fuels. Or we can invest in measures that will help create up to 2 million European jobs, reduce our environmental footprint and prevent more Europeans falling into fuel poverty.


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The choice is yours. Support a 3% renovation rate of Europe’s buildings.


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Source: Renovate Europe


Visit www.renovate-europe.eu/threepercent to add your support to calls for policy measures that will help Renovate Europe.



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