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Isabel’s Picks for Spring 2017



Let’s make a splash

Isabel Picks for Spring 2017, water wall, water blade, fountain, Rockworld water features, Soundtect Celest, acoustic panels, Working Desk - POP UP HOME, Rabbit Chair Baby orange, Steffano Giovannoni


Name: Water Blade

Price range: from €119

Material: Stainless steel with brushed finish.

Key facts: Available from 150mm to 1500mm wide. The blade has to be installed level to create an even flow of water across the width of the blade.  The flow of water reduces as the height of the water blade is increased. Most water blades sizes are available in dual entry, whilst the longer 1200 and 1500 are rear or bottom entry inlet for the water – the pipework has to connect to the water blade from the pump situated in the reservoir.  Uplighting gives a stunning effect as the water comes over the blade.

Available in Ireland from:  Rockworld Water Features



Brand: Soundtect

Product Name: Celeste

Price range: n/a

Material: 100% polyester (PET) over 50% recycled.

Features: Celeste wall and ceiling panels are designed to balance reverberation, absorb sound and create an audio atmosphere where sound comes through crisply and cleanly. The panels are easily to install; wall mounted or used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance sound quality by offering Class C absorption.

Available to Ireland from: Soundtect Ltd



Brand: Pop Up Home

Name: Working Desk – POP UP HOME

Price range: €319

Material: Honeycomb panels – Lacquered metal – Painted MDF – oak veneer.

Available to Ireland from:  Made in Design



Brand: Qeeboo

Designer: Steffano Giovannoni

Product name: Rabbit Chair Baby

Price range: €89

Material: 100% Polyethylene

Key facts: Available in 6 colours.

Available to Ireland from: Yoox


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Be kind to you, be kind to others

Zanat Branch (Marked) Sofa, makers and brothers, Secil ecoCORK plaster render, Claddagh Bauble The Irish Hand Made Glass Company, , Oak Nouveau Charcoal Kahars, TileStyle




Brand: Zanat

Designer: Gert Wingårdh & Sara Helder

Product name: Branch (Marked) Sofa

Price range: n/a

Material: Wood, embroidered upholstery.

Available in Ireland from: Makers & Brothers



Brand: The Irish Hand Made Glass Company  

Name: Claddagh Bauble

Price range: €19.95

Material: Glass

Features: Hand made, with the Claddagh hand etched onto the surface of the bauble.

Available in Ireland from: The Irish Hand Made Glass Company  



Manufacturer: Secil

Name: EcoCork

Price range: €11/bag (14kg)

Material: Natural Hydraulic Lime binder mixed with a largely cork aggregate.

Key features: Free from cementitious content. Offers a lightweight, vapour permeable and environmentally friendly render or plaster. Insulated render giving improved thermal and acoustic performance. Highly vapour permeable. Sustainable, natural cork aggregate. Easy to mix and apply. Improved curing times (speedier application).

Applications: Suitable for internal or external plastering/rendering. EcoCork can be used for Renovation: Stone (Rubble & Dressed Stone), Brick, Cob, Wichert, Clunch & Strawbale; and New Build: Stone, Brick & Block.

Available in Ireland from:  Conservation Technology



Trademark: Kahrs

Name: Oak Nouveau Charcoal

Price range: €86.10/m2

Material: Oak Hardwood with a brushed, black pigmented matt lacquer finish.

Available in Ireland from: TileStyle


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Prepare to stay indoors more





Brand: Lumio

Designer: Max Gunawan

Product name: Lumio Lamp

Price range: from €111

Material: Wood cover and water-resistant and 100% recyclable DuPont™ Tyvek®.

Key features: Hi-output LED; 500 lumen (slightly brighter than 40w bulb), 2700K (soft warm white), rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 8 hours of full charge with continual use.

Available to Ireland from: Lumio Shop



Trademark: Woodendot Lab

Name: Pelican

Price range: from €75

Material: Plywood and lacquered steel.

Features: Hidden hooks. Load capacity: 30 kg pr. shelf.

Available to Ireland from: Woodendot Shop



Manufacturer: Sports Partner

Name: Naxos

Price range: n/a

Material: Polypropylene with UV stabilizer.

Key features: Improved rebound damping action provided by a damping membrane with air cavity. Physical integrity protection of the athletes, through the absorption of both Vertical and Lateral shocks. Reduces the risk of knees and lower back injuries. Perfect surface, with a superb level of grip in all directions and for every sport, including roller sports.
Perfect ball rebound. Easily portable. Easy install and uninstall. No use of glues or other fixing materials. Applicable in any solid surface. Totally customizable. Resistant to extreme temperatures, water and humidity. No maintenance costs. Certified by the International Handball Federation.

Available to Ireland from:  Sports Partner



Manufacturer: Nvelope

Price range: n/a

Material: Extruded aluminium alloys.

Key facts:  British board of agrement (BBA) certification. Rainscreen cladding support systems based on NV vertical and NH horizontal helping hand brackets and a range of NVELOPE vertically and horizontally fixed profiles. NVELOPE can be used to support HPL, Timber, Fibre cement, Ceramic, Thin Stone, Metal, ACM, Glass.

Available in Ireland from: Approved installers.


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