We are back with our 5th secret tip about how to deal with an Architect.

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5. Be Honest

Be honest with your Architect, you do not need to tell a lower budget than what you really have. Architects will make the best they can with the budget you have. If you have a realistic budget (see Take 4) and you decide to reduce this so the Architect “does not spend it all”, you are fooling yourself and this is likely to have a pretty big impact on the overall design of your project.

Take 5



Hot tip: Architects do not spend your money, you are the one spending the money for your own interest, your Architect will only guide you through the best way of spending this money. Architects are not builders and their estimates are often just that – an estimate. If you are really concerned about not overspending you should engage the services of a Quantity Surveyor as early as possible.


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