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The Secret Guide to Deal with Architects – Take 2


Dealing with Architects can seem a bit daunting if you have never done it before. But we are here to help you to make the all construction process for your project as painless as possible.

This time we give you some tips about Fee Proposals.

If you have just landed here, you may want to start with Take 1 – Stages.


2. Fee Proposals

When approaching an Architect to get a fee proposal for your project you don’t need to tell him/her what is your favourite colour and how many steps you want separating the living room from the dining. We know you are all excited about getting your project started but these details are not needed to prepare a fee proposal.

Hot tip: If you can’t figure out what are the main points the Architect needs to prepare a fee proposal, just ASK him/her! Don’t waste your time and the Architect’s time with too much information. Later on when you appoint the Architect s/he will be asking for your Brief. The Brief will include your requirements and aspirations and that’s when you have to provide as much information as possible.


Go to Take 3 – The Brief.


Start from Take 1 – Stages.


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