If you have never dealt with an Architect before this is a guide for you.

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This time we give you some tips about the Brief. The Brief is a summary of all your requirements, they may not be 100% clear or decided but they will give your Architect a starting point for your project.


3. The Brief

Now that you have appointed your Architect it is the time to tell him/her everything you wish for your project. Don’t be afraid to sound silly. Your favourite colour (read Take 2) may now be relevant to the brief.

If you are not sure about what you need let your Architect help you. Architects are used to deal with a wide range of age groups and lifestyles, you will never agree with this but many times they will know better what you need than yourself! (Just give them some time, enough talk and make sure they know what do you have for breakfast.)

Take 3


Hot tip: Let your Architect know what materials you like and what style you prefer (contemporary, traditional, classic, etc). If you have photos you like show them to your Architect but PLEASE don’t ask to have exactly the same or you would be killing your Architect’s creativity. If you want to copy someone else’s design than you either don’t need an Architect or you need to stop and read this.


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