Phase 1 at Brandon House Hotel Nears Completion

Brandon House Hotel

The original building of the Brandon House Hotel is a Protected Structure built between 1841-1874 and located in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland. The property has been maintained reasonably well but many inadequate repairs have failed to resolve the problems. Isabel Barros Architects was appointed to assess the condition of the building envelope and provide recommendations and alternative solutions to repair and conserve the building.

The recommendations were consistent with the Burra Charter guidance. The Burra Charter is widely accepted as the standard for heritage conservation practice. Good conservation practices aim to promote minimum intervention into the historic fabric of a structure. Conservation works should do as much as necessary, yet as little as possible to the structure to ensure its future.



14.83_Progress Photos Chimney 1


14.83_Progress Photos Chimney 2


Isabel Barros Architects has also prepared Specifications for the emergency Works and administered the contract for Phase 1 of the Works.


The works involve replacing extensively eroded bricks with matching bricks, repairing minor erosion to bricks with colour matched lime mortar, removing cement mortar joints and cement renders, repointing joints with lime mortar, replacing chimney flashings and treating timber elements. Protum was commissioned to carry out the works.




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  1. Phase 1 at Brandon House Hotel Nears Completion
    Isabel Barros Architects was appointed to assess the condition…

  2. […] followed by specifications and contract administration. The works were carried out in 2 Phases. Phase 1 involved work to two chimneys and it was carried out by Protum. Phase 2 included all the other […]

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