Our 7th secret tip about how to deal with an Architect focus on the importance of the design process.

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7. Enjoy the process


When you appoint an Architect you give her/him a problem to solve, a challenge to do. It may be a new house on a new site, it may be an extension to an awkward existing house, or improving a house layout that is not working, or a shop that is not attracting clients, etc, etc. In order to solve your problem the Architect will go through a design process that will consider a number of factors. Make sure you participate in this process by providing your Architect with a solid brief and by letting her/him know what are your likes/dislikes, aspirations and goals.


The Secret Guide to Deal with Architects - Take 7


Hot tip: The first steps of the design process are hugely important, they are the foundations of your project. You should engage with your Architect as early as possible. If in doubt about what you want or need, ask your Architect for an opinion. Architects deal with a wide range of people and age groups, they may know better than you what you will need in 10 years time, for example. Listen, reflect and think. You may even realize you need to change the initial brief, but this is the moment to do it before the process develops to more complex drawings/documents. Remember to enjoy this process, it is often a life changing experience!


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