Our 6th secret tip about how to deal with an Architect focus on relationship building as an important pillar for collaborative work.

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6. Build Trust

Build a relationship with your Architect based on trust and credibility. Your Architect’s duty is to always act in your best interest. An Architect has the most appropriate training and experience to design, co-ordinate and manage your building project, and you need to believe this!

An Architect that feels trusted by a client will definitely go an extra mile and you may even get some freebies along the way (most likely extra time not charged and extra care and passion for your project).

Take 6

Hot tip: Become a friend rather than just a client. Open your heart and share your interests with your Architect (even if they are as simple as liking giraffes!), you may find out that your Architect has similar interests and what best way to start a relationship where teamwork is so important!


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